silicon valley

This two-year program is designed to meet or exceed the California Curriculum Standards for grades 9-12 in Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Physical Education and Foreign Language. Our High School program of academic acceleration will culminate in students taking the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE). At age 16 and with the CHSPE in hand, students may enroll at the Community College of their choice and work towards transferring to a University.

The course of study would focus on the following:
• Composition based on rubrics in the following genres: expository, narrative, persuasive, essay, creative
• Reading and responding to classic world, American and British literature
• Research in American and world social studies for 18th Century through 20th Century including government and economics
• Seminar in Argumentation culminating in a presentation
• Non-laboratory study of biology, geology, astronomy, physics called General Science
• Completion of a minimum of Saxon’s Algebra 2, preferably of Saxon’s Advanced Mathematics
• Mastery of Arabic equal to four years of high school study
• Islamic studies & Islamic history study

This block of study will be as rigorous as Advanced Placement courses and will cover two semesters of study each semester. Courses will require disciplined study both in class and at home as well as completion of reading assignments over the summer break.

Congratulations to SVA High School Alumni students Hiba Lejmi & Moneeb Ikram! Hiba was accepted as a Junior to both UC Davis & UC Santa Cruz. Moneeb will receive his AA degree & was also award a scholarship from Mission College. Both these students participated in SVA accelerated program & anticipate graduating with their BA by age 17 & 18 Masha’Allah!