How to earn coins in Golf Clash?

Golf Clash is the most leading game in this world. It is a very interesting game among all other online simulation golf game. The game is the best source to utilize your spare time. It is the best multiplayer game in this new era of modernization with new features and options. Almost over one crore people all across the world download this game and thousands of players play this game daily. Its size is nearly 78 MB and available for both Android and IOS users. Golf Clash is filled with lots of high-quality graphics and various types of modes.

Ways to earn more coins

  • Tours – These are the most familiar part of the game as it helps you in collecting coins. If you want to earn the coins, then you should win the tour in which you enter, and to win it is necessary to upgrade your skills, powers, accuracy, equipment, and most important clubs. The more and more tours you win the more you earn the coins. You should also take care of the premium events or real golfing events as these will give you far better prizes than the regular events.
  • Clubs – The players must need the great clubs to become the best player of Golf Clash. Don’t spend your whole money on upgrading the clubs. You should keep some amount of in-game currency to play a few matches so you can get more currencies with Golf Clash hack. You don’t need to upgrade those clubs which you don’t need on a regular basis. You must upgrade your putter and driver in terms to play well while the match is going. These two are most valuable things in the ongoing match.
  • Chests and Facebook – In it when you connect the game with your Facebook account, you will get a free platinum chest and opportunity to send and receive free coins to your friends. You get a pin chest every time after you putt eight balls successfully. Chests will take some time to open, so you have to queue them to unlock.
  • Advertisements – It refers to the ads which come in the game while we are playing. By watching these ads you get a small number of coins, so watch ads as much as possible. Ads are in the form of videos. You should also check out for free chests every time as these come in every 4 hours. You must require a right amount of coins to survive in the game.