Sweatcoin app of different levels to earn cryptocurrency

Sweatcoin app of different levels to earn cryptocurrency

Sweatcoin has been designed for the people who like to do something for their health but do not get motivation daily and also for them those who like to earn money without putting much effort. Sweatcoin app provides the user both of them simultaneously.

How? User of it has to do nothing but to go on foot outside of the house and office. It can be a morning walk with pet animals or can be as daily routine for keeping oneself physically fit.

User of this app gets traced by this app after downloading it in the mobile device. Sweatcoin works in the back ground of mobile and after tracking steps of the user it motivates the user by offering Sweatcoin digital money. By Sweatcoin Hack user can also gain this digital money.

How many steps for earning money are required?

The answer of this question is that Sweatcoin app earns for the user points per 1000 steps. But these steps must be taken outside of the residence and working place. For the first time user gets 5 Sweatcoins as well as on daily basis.

How to reclaim Sweatcoins?

User of Sweatcoin can reclaim a handsome amount of digital fund with the help of converting points and rewards into coins. But installer of the app does not get these points and coins in the form of real money. Therefore, there is only online transaction is available. Remember for more earning user can use Sweatcoin Hack as well.

What can be bought and from where?

Sweatcoin coins can be used at any place of shopping ranges from small shops to shopping malls. Not this only but user avails them to purchase any item of thing of need. These can be any reading material, accessories of daily use and so on.