Tips And Tricks For Being The Best Leader In Dominations

Games based on the battles and strategy gets more popular as compared to other games. Dominations Hack is a good option for those who want to play a best mobile game on their mobile phones. The game is installed by the millions of people, and you can also download it free for the Android and IOS devices.  It requires 4.1 Android versions, so if you are an Android user, then you can play it easily.

Control your troops properly

Never underestimate the power of troops in the game. Treat all the troops as your best friend, because these people help you in all situations. It is your choice that how you use all these people for example: as a soldier, farmer, horse raider, etc. Use the strength of these troops properly and give them opportunities to do the hard work. Build strong buildings and walls quickly with the help of these troops.

Train the troops correctly     

If you think the citizen of your town is not working properly, then it’s your responsibility to guide them properly. Give the same work again and again to all troops. Win more battles by giving the best training to the people of your town.  The game gives you extra points of training, so give your best to make your army stronger. Train your soldiers properly and provide them with more sources to save your empire.

Manage the work

Manage all the work in troops properly. Don’t send too many troops to a single platform, because it takes more time to complete the task.  Give the different work to groups of troops. It saves your time and gives more earning quickly. Always try to use more troops as a soldier, because it is essential for you to keep your town save.